Posted by: thecyberkrib | March 21, 2008

Calvin Richardson “Sang No More”

Calvin Richardson

Calvin Richardson last released a full album with 2:35 PM in 2003, personally one of my favorite soul albums of that year and a very powerful vocalist. With key album tracks like “Keep On Pushin'”, “More Than a Woman”, and “Falling Out” Richardson broke out to the mainstream audience with his second LP release.

Richardson returns with When Love Comes, his debut album with Shanachie Records scheduled for a May 24th release. Based on the sound of the debut single “Sang No More”, the album appears to be more of an Urban AC release, likely appealing to the middle-age women as opposed to the younger soul/neo-soul audience, but we’ll see how the full LP sounds.

Listen to the debut single below (video coming soon).

For more information:


  1. He is good, but i think he is no Kem, but Kem is more for older folks…but he is really intense

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