Posted by: thecyberkrib | March 17, 2008

CBC “The National” investigates the N-Word

Nas and Kelis at 2008 Grammy Awards

The CBC recently broadcast a special news segment on The National investigating the use of the racial epithets nigg**, those defending the use of the word as part of their music or their lifestyle, and others condemning the use of the word.

Canadian poet and CBC reporter Clifton Joseph hosts the segment, with appearances by MC Collizhun (formerly of Nefarius), Point Blank, and The 411 Initiative for Change appear in the piece.

Watch the piece here.



  1. This piece was funny. This is the CBC National & research wasn’t done on Chamillionaire, who is not Atlanta-based, but from Houston. Wow.

    Anyway, the bigger issue is about trying to ban the unbannable, if that’s even a word. When you try to prohibit & outlaw stuff like this, all is does is gives more power to the word. In short, trying to “ban” it is counterproductive.

    Even worse, so-called Black leaders jumping out to get visibility for themselves (read: Al Sharpton) do a disservice to Black people, having Black women picketing in front of Universal in NYC with sign stating they are not bitches, hoes or niggas. Al apparently forgot to examine that this action could be viewed as Black women/people being the ONLY people being called these names. It’s a monolithic thing now.


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