Posted by: thecyberkrib | March 9, 2008

Santogold “L.E.S. Artistes” video


It was a number of years ago when I was introduced to a Philly based band called Stiffed, a punk-ska-indie band lead by charismatic and impressive vocalist Santi White. Big up to JonJon at Black Corners on the introduction to Santi and Stiffed.

Stiffed has since parted ways – and in the meantime Santi has found success under the name Santogold, a collaborative effort with songwriter/producer John Hill, along with a range of contributors including: the late Disco D, Switch (M.I.A.), Sinden, Freq Nasty, Diplo, Radioclit, leadguitarist Clifford “Moonie” Pusey of Steel Pulse, former Bad Brains drummer Chuck Treece, Naeem Juwan of Spank Rock, M.I.A, and Trouble Andrew.

Santogold are inked in a deal with Downtown Records, also the new home of Mos Def and Amanda Blank (currently working with Toronto producer Doc), distributed through Warner.

Check out the AMAZING new video from Santogold for “L.E.S. Artistes”. Directed by Nima Nourizade.


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