Posted by: thecyberkrib | February 29, 2008

Los Angeles: Glasses Malone and Pacific Division

Pacific Division

I’ve been on a kick of recent, well, even the past year, how I’m so much more impressed with the music coming out of the West Coast verses the East Coast counterparts. Whether it be on the super backpack tip, or the more commercial, I’ve found much more character, style, and originality coming out of the West.

Two fairly recent findings are Pacific Division (PAC DIV) based out of Palmdale California (Southern Cali) and Glasses Malone (Watts, Los Angeles).

Pacific Divsion fall somewhat between underground West Coast hip hop, and the more current hip trendster hop popular among the sneaker and gear heads. The good thing in their case is that they seem to be true hip hop fanatics, who are trendy, as opposed to trendy kids who start rapping to be ‘down’. The big thing is, they’re having fun with the music, while at the same time having some solid raw talent – comparisons that come to mind are The Pharcyde, ?uestionmark Asylum, Boogiemonsters. The F.A.T. LP is scheduled for a 2008 independent release.

Glasses Malone in the past has been associated with The Black Wall Street Records, as well as an acquaintance of The Game. He inked a$1.7 million deal with Sony back in 2005, but the album came in to limbo, and Malone is now in a deal with Cash Money Records via his own label Blu Division. Glasses debut album The Beach Cruiser is scheduled for release in April 2008.


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