Posted by: thecyberkrib | February 17, 2008

Sound of Color: Swizz Beats, Raveonettes, etc.

Sound Of Color

It’s not often that we would shed light on a project for a big company like The Gap, but the current project backed by The Gap and Rehab called Sound of Color (colour in Canada) is a pretty cool one, that has resulted in some great end products.

The Sound of Color project commissioned five music acts to create original songs corresponding to a chosen colour for their song, the song which in turn was supplied to a video director to create a video appropriate to the song and the colour.

The music acts involved in Sound of Color were DNTEL, Marie Digby (internet phenom), Swizz Beatz, The Blakes, and The Raveonettes. The video directors were Blip Boutique (Exec. Prod. Justin Glorieux and Gower Frost), Ryan Ebner (HSI/The Valencia Company), Tom Gatsoulis (Boxer), Russ Lamoureux (Biscuit), Chris Do (Blind Inc.).

Here are a few of the videos below.

Swizz Beatz – Candy GREEN
Directed by Tom Gatsoulis (for Boxer)

Raveonettes – Black/White
Directed by: Chris Do (for Blind Inc.)

Marié Digby – Paint Me in Your Sunshine
Directed by: Ryan Ebner (for HSI/The Valencia Company)

View all videos, interviews, and making of video footage at:


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