Posted by: thecyberkrib | February 9, 2008

A3C Festival in Atlanta announce line-up

A3C Festival

The A3C Festival in Atlanta has just announced the first round of performers for their fourth annual ‘All 3 Coasts’ Festival showcasing live hip hop performances, street arts, breakdance events, fashion, skateboard culture, film and discussion.

The following artists will perform throughout the 3 day festival.

Del Tha Funkee Homosapien
The Cool Kids
Guilty Simpson
Blu & Ta’Raach (C.R.A.C.)
Tanya Morgan
John Robinson (Lil Sci)
Hangar 18
Nobody Famous
Binkis Recs
DJ Lord of Public Enemy

A3C this year will also feature the Red Bull BC One b-b0y battle, a battle that has travelled around the globe (Vancouver, Brazil, South Africa, and more).

Early bird tickets for the 3-day event are on sale now for only $33, so if you’re in the area or down to visit the ATL, don’t sleep.

Festival info:


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