Posted by: thecyberkrib | February 7, 2008

Blue Note Droppin’ Science (school’s in)

Blue Note presents Droppin’ Science

Blue Note is taking the role of hip hop educator with their Droppin’ Science compilation, a gathering of classic soul and funk that has been sampled through classic hip hop selections.

Those who are already well schooled, this may be a pretty obvious collection of tunes, however for the younger or more recent heads, this is a nice collection to have already researched for you – and shit, you get liner notes written by ?uestlove.

For those not too fortunate with a connoisseur figurehead like mine, there were other options like Lenny Roberts’s Ultimate Breaks & Beats and Paul Winley’s Super Disco Breaks, which basically gave you the Cliffs Notes on beat digging. I’m certain this upset most beat diggers pre-’85 who went as far as to wash the label off the record so that future break vultures couldn’t cheat with the old “look over the shoulder trick” that DJs still do to this day.

JRocc of the infamous World Famous Beat Junkies and Stones Throw crew has put together a snazzy little mix that incorporates the classics on Droppin’ Science with the hip hop tracks that have utilized the various samples and portions of these records.

Download it here:

You can also preview the entire album in full through the e-card here.


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