Posted by: thecyberkrib | February 6, 2008



The following track fell in my in-box today. UK label and company FrSH Entertainment are pushing a new mixtape called Mr. BIGWILLYFLYSH*T featuring the label founders G.

The track “Keep on Flossin'” is the track included below.

Now, even the title from any unknown North American emcee would make me cringe, however maybe I’ve got a little more patience from UK commercial hip hop, simply due to the pleasure of hearing something with a different accent and delivery. G isn’t saying much special, much like his North American counterparts, but I do really like the production and delivery is solid. There is a crossover to the UK grime approach on this track – Dizzee Rascal originally came to mind. Or, maybe it’s the album cover, the interpretation of the ever so loved series of children’s picture books that I’ve forgotten the name of… (anyone help me out here – leave a comment)

Here it is, with a short video introduction below to FrSH Entertainment by G himself.

Find out more about FrSH Entertainment at


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