Posted by: thenotic | February 6, 2008

Big Pooh and Young RJ album collaboration

Big Pooh of Little Brother

In the past, Rapper Big Pooh (of Little Brother) and Young RJ (of the BR Gunna production duo) have both shared success by expanding their talents to join with other groups and artists. Therefore, it didn’t come as much of a surprise when they decided to join forces in order to create an entire full-length album.

According to the circulated press release, the two were brought together by a mutual friend, Scrap Dirty (RJ’s manager as well as a Violator DJ).

In 2005, Pooh released a solo debut album Sleepers, while RJ has not yet produced a full album. Regardless of this fact, RJ has produced beats for many artists including Lloyd Banks, Young Buck, Phat Kat as well as Kurupt.

While Pooh is busy working on this upcoming album, Phonte (of Little Brother) is in the process of finishing the second Foreign Exchange album with his partner Nicolay (producer for the dynamic group). Likewise, Black Milk (Young RJ’s production partner) has teamed up with the Detroit emcee Fat Ray, to collaborate on an upcoming album, titled The Set Up.

A snippet of the song “Money”, the first song off the new (as-of-yet untitled) album is beginning to circulate on the net and can be heard here. The song also features Frank (of the Detroit duo Frank-N-Dank).

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