Posted by: thecyberkrib | February 5, 2008

Vandal releases TROACO from the far east

Vandal - TROACO

Toronto emcee Vandal has released his most recent album TROACO (The Rebirth of a Classic Obsession) from his current homebase in Malaysia, and the album is a totally free download for his quickly expanding international fan base.

Vandal has been doing regular touring across Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Laos, most recently with Calgary emcee/beatboxer Shamik, and will go back on tour in March with Toronto/Vancouver counterpart Masia One.

New material will emerge soon on the collaborative tip with a collective that Vandal is a part of, The Diplomats International, who will release the Just Duit! Vol.2 Mixtape in March. Vandal will also have 7-tracks on the Rewind Mixtape Vol1 dropping February 29 through Soul Menace (

TROACO (tracklist):

01 A Song (Produced By Vandal)
02 Toronto (Produced By Wizzow)
03 Great Escape (Produced By Planet Pea)
04 Lalala (Produced By Saykoji)
05 Lion City (Produced By Stranjah)
06 Street Food (Produced By Illsteez)
07 Dusty Wonton Ft. Masia One (Produced By Vandal)
08 Klx Ft. Daly And Mizz Nina (Produced By Qumran)
09 Chameleon (Produced By Illsteez)
10 Gls Ft. Yin T’sang (Produced By Illsteez)
11 Essence Ft. Professor Fingers (Produced By Vandal)
12 Mongolia (Produced By Vandal)
13 Effected (Produced By Stranjah)
14 Chameleon Remix (Produced By R-H)
15 Untittled Track

Download the album at:



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