Posted by: burras | February 3, 2008

Tiki from Salmonella Dub solo in NZ

Tiki Taane

I went to New Zealand and got a haircut from a pirate. Things could have turned out badly, but this escapade went quite well. We were checking out music videos while the chop was going down, and that is where I first heard Tiki Taane with his video for “Now This Is It.”

His new album is called Past. Present. Future. and after seeing the video, I went to go pick up a copy. In a Wellington record shop I got the CD and some information that Tiki’s upcoming tour was starting on our last night in the country.

The fact that the tour was starting in Hamilton sort of sealed the deal for me (originally from Burlington, Ontario, I have a soft spot for Hamiltons).

Anyways, on that last night, we drove from from Wellington up to Hamilton and made it just in time for the show. It was incredible. Tiki is a hype performer, easily shifting styles from hip hop to reggae to drum and bass. He opened the show solemnly, with his father joining him on stage, and just tore shit up after that.

A “natural born killer soundboy”, Tiki and his band had this excellent soundsystem, and when they got into “Now This Is It” the bass became intestine-rumblingly deep. Sweaty dancing ensued.

I had the chance to meet Tiki’s sister as well. She wondered where a couple of Canadians had come from, so I told her about seeing the video, buying the album, driving around the country listening to the music, and now catching the live show on our last night. She was happy to hear the story, but was surprised to hear that my favourite track was “Now This Is It”, and was laughing about her brother acting so tough in the video.



  1. WAIT, i want to hear more about this pirate… seriously.

  2. Hey – its you!! How are you!? I’m Tiki’s sister – the one you met wonderful that you then went on to tell the tale – thats really choice! I’ve sent the link to Tiki so he can check it out too – please drop me a line sometime so I have your contacts as I have misplaced yours, then I can keep you posted with our newsletter etc

    Awesome, take care
    Arohanui mai i Aotearoa

  3. I can tell only admiration in occasion of a song! The clip has a little pumped up.. And so in general it is good)

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