Posted by: thecyberkrib | January 23, 2008

N.E.R.D. new single: “Everyone Nose”


Well, the first brand new single from N.E.R.D. emerged on the net today, and I’m kinda disappointed.

With such strong past work by the collective of Pharrell, Chad Hugo, and Shay, the new song “Everyone Nose” seems pretty generic and the hook repetition is pretty annoying. With the blow-up of the super high energy hipster hop, that’s based off of very dumbed down shouted hooks, it seems that N.E.R.D. tried to catch the boat on this trend, instead of sticking to their guns that made them unique.

I don’t mind the breakdown that comes half-way in, but overall it just doesn’t work out to be a cohesive track.


  1. They put a little twist on it though. Well be hearing this on TV shows a lot, MAYBE! The breakdown part is chilled out.

  2. This song is HOT!!!

  3. I love this song its got another signature Neptunes beat, and this is gonna be hot this summer on the Glow in the Dark Tour! HOT!!

  4. This track provides so me genres such as: GO-GO, 1940’s Jazz, Rock, Hip-hop, pop, etc. The song lyrics are catchy and very unique twist on describing women actions in a night club. People welcome to the #1 hit for the summer of 2008. This will reach everyone worldwide.

  5. I like this song its hot and different you have to adapt to your enviroment dude thats just like saying Nintendo didnt stick with how they use do things but by them taking a new approach look what happened dude there will always be new and old means the past get it

  6. I love them and it a underground Hit in the clubs .
    I’m A true fan I’m actually still listening to the first album. In The Car .
    ” How To Wear A Scarf”

  7. I’ve been waiting for this!!! IMMA BE THE FIRST IN LINE!! JUNE 10 2008

  8. This song sounds like it was made up in the shower by highschool NERDS, I’m amazed any label would release this to retail and radio..simply annoying!

  9. N.E.R.D lo mejor boys i love your music am your n. # 1 admiradora

  10. Best song / album to all you hatassss ! ;P

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