Posted by: thecyberkrib | January 22, 2008

Nicolay & Kay feat. Chip Fu – Gunshot [exclusive]

 Nicolay & Kay

The release of TIME:LINE by Nicolay and Kay is a couple weeks away, and in addition to the audio and snippit mix we posted earlier, we’ve got an exclusive full length from the album.

This was one of my favorites on the sampler, and we’ve got it here first – clean, no drops.  Enjoy.

As well, here’s another track: Stop My Way feat. The Legendary K.O. (Windows Media | Real Audio).

TIME:LINE hits stores February 12th.



  1. congrats to kay and nicolay dis shit hot!!!!

  2. This is Nicolay certified!! Fiending for the Foreign Exchange album. Keep bangin’
    Emskee – NYC

  3. awesome, 9 days to go 🙂

  4. ill…period.

  5. What???!!!!!!!
    This is too hot. When and where can I get the 12″?

  6. Fire!!

  7. damn i thought the new 9th/buck track was the hottest beat ive heard lately.
    this shit is nice
    Nic definitely for the children

  8. Nic & Kay at their finest !!!!!! We want more Chip Fu too !!!!! Keep bringing that NC Heat.

  9. Another hit track, guaranteed spins!!

  10. HOT DAM!!! This sounds good. I never been a big fan of foreign exchange but Nicolay’s beats are no joke and they sound great over Kay’s vocals. A++

  11. talented.

  12. We appreciate all the feedback! Peace to the heads and stay tuned!

  13. The Vocals are flashing me
    and the Beat is magnificently
    please don’t load
    buy that CD


  14. Addicted…
    Nicolay is my drug of choice-

  15. This is top notch! Nicolay does it again.

  16. i have no words to discribe it. this is the 10000000000000000 time i’m hearing it.

  17. This is some dope music. Well, this is exactly what one would expect from Nic.




  18. […] the cyber krib […]

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