Posted by: thecyberkrib | January 17, 2008

Classified and crew robbed (first hand details)


“Help! They’ve been robbed!”

Well, apparently while Classified, the Half-Life crew and Shad were ripping a show for 600 people in Victoria (the first show of a 26-date tour), some character crept on to their tour bus and stole two of the crews laptop computers – including one with a ton of Classified’s material and valuable files.

A tour video blog (below) that they’ve started, to document their current While You Were Sleeping Tour across Canada, includes footage from the crew speaking about the robbery and the reward they can offer for any sleuth who’s able to track down the missing goods.

Take a look at the previous Shad post to see a line-up of tour dates for what is definitely Classified’s biggest tour yet.

Keep up to speed on the tour through DJ IV’s YouTube channel here.

Also, check out Chad Hatcher’s debut video for “Do It All Again” from the forthcoming album being released this spring Tunnels and Pathways.


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