Posted by: thecyberkrib | January 9, 2008

Radiohead asks you to package yourself…

I may be a couple weeks behind on this, as I’m a non-cable subscriber in the whole TV world (may have missed this on Much or MTV Canada), but I had to post this ad as I’m still a huge lover of the physical package in terms of music enjoyment.

Radiohead who were the talk of 2007 with their pay-what-u-want digital release of IN RAINBOWS, have now moved to the physical CD format for the release which debuted January 1, 2008. The creativity of the package is the key here. The CD is shipped sans jewel case, but provided with all the materials needed to put together a standard CD case using a recycled jewel case from ones collection.

The creativity and care put in to create your own CD package is symbolic of the desire some still have for a compact disc with all the fixin’s – as opposed to a series of digital files originating from ones computer via the internet.

The television ad sums it up nicely with a demonstration…

One comment on the youtube ad page wraps-up just how idiotic some people can be.

does anyone know if this’ll be the only way to buy the album? wont it come in a normal cd case?

Courtesy of jwillchad – eeeeeediot!

If you’re curious how the song used in the ad (“15 Step”) sounds in its entirety, check this out…


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