Posted by: thecyberkrib | January 6, 2008



NYC’s Duck Down Records is looking to be stepping up their game in ’08, with numerous recent additions to their roster, with some additional rumours floating around.

As announced during the Boot Camp Clik Canadian Tour this fall, Duck Down has inked their first Canadian artist with an upcoming release from Toronto based emcee Promise. Promise has quietly been putting together a massive project – the album More Than Music features the lead single “In God We Trust” feat. Elzhi of Slum Village, singer Calvin Richardson, and Chi-Town spoken word artist J-Ivy. Take a peek at the lead single over at his myspace Stay tuned for a full run down of Promise’s new album at and TheCyberKrib United in the near future.

What do you get when you combine Sean Price, Guilty Simpson, and Black Milk? The album Random Acts being released by Duck Down in mid-2008. I first heard about this collaboration in the early summer of ’07 when Black came to speak and perform for a Red Bull Music Academy event. The album is apparently insane, and what else could it be with three talents like this joining forces. People are talking about the CRS (Lupe, Kanye and Pharrell) collaboration project, but I’ll be honest, I may be a bit more excited about hearing Random Acts.

Chicago’s Kidz In The Hall announced their deal with Duck Down in late November, after a much talked about debut full-length album through Rawkus. You can read more about Kidz In The Hall here and check out the video trailer for their debut single.

There have also been strong reports through Duck Down interviews, that both KRS-One and Diamond D will choose Duck Down to release their new projects. KRS will also be releasing three other albums in 2008 including Adventures In Emceein’ (an unreleased tracks type record), a spiritual hip hop record, and an acoustic based spoken-word album – he is not signing to Duck Down, but is releasing an album with them.

Side Note: KRS is scheduled tentatively to takeover BET the third week of may, which is Hip Hop Appreciation Week. KRS will program Rap City for a 2-week period, an agreement that was made between KRS and Stephen Hill of BET.



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  2. Ive been working with promise, but would also like to
    submit work to all your artist currently working on projects. How can I make this possable? pleasesend me info as to how that can happen.

    Thank you and continue to have a blessed, productive, and creative day

  3. Duck Down always be putting out illness…Promise is the truth…

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