Posted by: nehal | December 31, 2007

Skillz 2007 Wrap-up


With hours to go to 2008, here’s Skillz’s 2007 (W)rap-up, one of the most anticipated rap tracks of the year. Or maybe that’s just me. Although, judging from the comments on Skillz’s MySpace page, I don’t think so. Rumours circulate every year that Skillz is done with the (W)rap-up, and thanks to popular demand, it’s back once again. Thank God, because Fromage and the (W)rap-up are very important to me.

Listen here:

Again, Skillz delivers his annual retrospective, covering the year’s major events in pop culture – from music to media, celebrities to scandals, and everything in between. Four minutes and 37 seconds of current events, the ones that really matter. Here are some highlights:

Appearances by
DJ Drama; Cam’ron; 50 Cent; Jennifer Hudson; Fantasia; Tony Yayo; Jay Z; Amy Winehouse; Robin Thicke; Bobby Brown; Whitney Houston; Don Imus; Russel Simmons; Cam’ron; Anna Nicole Smith; Akon; Three6Mafia; Barry Bonds; Ray J; Diddy; Akon; Eve; Paris Hilton; 50 Cent; Lupe Fiasco; Britney Spears; OJ Simpson; R Kelly; Usher; Kelly Rowland; Beyoncé; The Jena 6; Michael Vick; Foxy Brown; Lil Wayne; Tallahassee Pain; Akon; 50 Cent; Kanye West; Soldier Boy; UGK; Outkast; T.I.; Lauren London.

Props Given to
Jennifer Hudson for getting an Oscar
UGK featuring Outkast Int’l Players Anthem (I Choose You) for best video
American Gangster for best movie
Lauren London for “eye candy of the year”

Recurring Mentions
It’s a tie between Akon and 50 Cent for three appearances each: Akon for the preacher’s daughter, getting dropped by Verizon, and beating up on a fan, and 50 Cent for the Cam’ron phonecall, Kanye vs. Fifty, and forgetting his lyrics on stage

Most Unexpected Appearance
Amidst all the drama, clean boy Lupe Fiasco forgot his lyrics

Best Piece of Advice
Some dance moves are reserved for the young’uns

Soldier Boy hit the scene and I don’t want to see YOU doing that unless YOU under 18

But I could have sworn I’d heard of a Shaq Shoulder Lean sighting.

Best Line

And it’s a damn shame what they did to Michael Vick
You can’t kill dogs in your own backyard
But you can go to I-raq and kill whoever you want

Not sure I agree with what Michael Vick did, but it’s an analogy that begs discussion.

Special Mentions
The mixtape raids (poor Drama!); checking that your TV wasn’t busted after The Sopranos finale; Britney-Paris-Anna Nicole drama (not involving the DJ); suckers paying too much for an iPhone; Skillz will never wear tight jeans; and the results of having too many black people and not enough space.

And my favourite moment? A toss-up between when Skillz impersonates T-Pain (What’s crazy is that wasn’t T-Pain that was me) and calling out 50 Cent after he sold less records than Kanye West

And we all got caught up in 50 versus Kanye
Good strategy guys! Way to make one million people have to go to Best Buy
Fifty said if I lose I’ll stop rapping
Well you lost Fif, when’s that gone happen?

Love it. You can download the track here.

You can find the video (available at midnight on NYE) at


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