Posted by: thecyberkrib | December 23, 2007

Jay Electronica – Act II – Christmas Day

Jay Electronica

If you’ve not heard of Jay Electronica yet, don’t fuss, there’s time to learn about this interesting personality, who has likely gained more respect from his peers than 80% of the emcees on the radio right now – without even an official debut single.

If you’d like to know the basics, check out a NEWS piece that we did on Jay over the summer at…

Once you’ve completed that, then slide over to Sweeney’s blog “Classic Drug References” and take a look at this super-in-depth post about Jay, his music, and his friends. Some of those friends may be predictable, others may be a surprise.

Act I with it’s “Eternal Sunshine…” theme received over 30,000 direct downloads from Jay Electronica’s myspace.

Act II is complete, and will be released to internet fans across the globe on Christmas Day, December 25. This creative installment from Jay will feature over 10 songs, 200MB in size, and will feature production from Madlib Mr. Porter, Hi-Tek, Beat Autopsy, and Jay himself, among others. Act II will also feature guest appearances from NAS and Guilty Simpson – not bad huh?

So, make sure to check out “Classic Drug References” blog or Jay’s myspace to download the next chapter in this mysterious characters saga…



  1. wheres that jay album|?

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    they rock !

  3. wooow wooow

  4. […] The emcee who was reported to be releasing a follow-up to his Act I: Eternal Sunshine last Christmas, never appeared to drop Act II (the 200MB epic). […]

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  6. […] Dit soort site’s vind ik altijd shady maar ik vond hier een stukje over het project, namelijk dat naast Jay zelf, Madlib, Mr. Porter, Hi-Tek en anderen […]

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