Posted by: thecyberkrib | December 13, 2007

PTR’s Thelonious Monk Tribute

“Monk Swing” 12″ single cover

Toronto/Montreal based Public Transit Recordings has just released a limited edition 12″ vinyl single “Monk Swing” featuring the title track by Montreal based emcee duio Karma & Lotus.

The single includes two other outstanding performances, one by Montreal jazz artist Eval Manigat on “Ra-Monk”, and the other by Toronto heavyweight poet Clifton Joseph on “A Chant For Monk”.

The tracks are taken from the full length compilation album Variations in Time: A Jazz Perspective, compiled by Montreal based deejay and music enthusiast Andy Williams.

Check out more about the compilation at PTR’s website, where the release can be purchased in .mp3 format, with all proceeds going to Tyndale St. George Community Centre in Montreal.

Listen to the vinyl release title single “Monk Swing” by Karma & Lotus below…

More info about the limited “Monk Swing” 12″ single (1000 copy numbered pressing) and .mp3 downloads at…


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