Posted by: neilacharya | December 4, 2007

A Case of WU Being WU

U-God of Wu-Tang Clan

On November 30th 2007, three members of Wu Tang Clan were to perform in Oshawa, Ontario. Prior to the show, Durham College’s campus radio station, The RIOT, hosted a press conference in the school cafeteria.

The organizers of the press conference certainly had gone out of their way to plan for the event. There was a riser with couches in front of which was a cordoned off press row. Behind the press seats there was plenty of room for the throngs of students who were in attendance.

To the side of the stage were large screens and speakers which blasted out a compilation of Wu videos.

The press conference was to start at 2pm, those that have done press with Wu in the past were aware that they would be lucky if the press conference would start even remotely on time.

After an hour and a half of waiting, U-God arrived on stage. Rae and GZA had apparently been delayed. A bulk of the press seats must have been taken up by photographers and VJ’s because when it came time to open up the floor to the press, reporters weren’t exactly clamouring to be first to ask anything. Of the three or four questions asked by the press gallery, most were softball fan-type questions, or questions that did not needed to be asked in the type of setting we were in.

I was fortunate to get two questions off before the press conference had to be cut off, no official reason was given, but I am assuming it was due to time constraints. Personally I found U-God to be a very personable interviewee who gave insightful and heartfelt answers. However, it was unfortunate that a press conference organized with such good intentions and excellent planning as the one put together on this day by The RIOT, ended up being dragged down on two fronts.

Firstly, the fact that it did not last for long due to Wu’s late/non arrival and secondly because the press did not do a good job of researching good questions that would keep the crowd interested and the artist engaged.

A few seasons back, Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz was asked about the behaviour of his eccentric and highly talented teammate Manny Ramirez, he told reporters it was a case of “Manny being Manny”. It is no stretch to say that that this term transcends baseball. In the world of hip-hop, you can say, it’s just Wu being Wu.

Listen to the full press conference with U-God below speaking on the RZA & Raekwon issues and more:


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