Posted by: thecyberkrib | December 3, 2007

Arabesque: Hang Your Heroes


Watching this year play out for me was like watching a Japanese Game Show, sometimes cruel but mainly bizarre. This was the year I was nominated to Canada’s Grammys, the Juno Awards. I was elated by being approved by my own country, but shortly realized it was the Nelly Furtado awards. After losing Rap Recording of the Year, I was consoled from Howie from the Backstreet Boys who was sitting at my table during the dinner ceremony… It helped. This was the year I travelled to an Islamic country, opened for Sean Paul and pulled 6 women on stage to dance with me while 3000 people threw shouts of approval…kinda. This was the year I took a piss on the side of The Louvre, while Clinging to a $5 bottle of Cabernet Franc in a brown paper bag and a baquette in my knapsack. I kept it Hip Hop in Paris. This was the year I met my beautiful family for the first time, we look nothing alike. This was the year I grew the balls to finally put puppets in my music video, not fearing the backlash of mochismo. This was the year I realized the scene celebrates mediocrity, and realized I wasn’t willing to compromise for a nibble of cool. This was the year I ate Ox tail with Wu-tang. This was the year I found out the sincere power my fans wield. This was the year my financial woes caught up with me, keeping me up at night starring at the stucco ceilings. A year that has allowed me to recognize the value of friendship. The year I tasted love. This was the year my mug graced the cover of a major magazine. This was the year I understood the hype neighboring my name, allowing myself time to enjoy it. This was the year my favorite artists paid me their good wishes and daps. This was the year the world hung it’s heroes.

December 11th I’m releasing my EP Hang Your Heroes, which will be narrated by my girl Rah Digga. A conceptual project on how the world builds you up to beat the shit out of you. An unusual year complemented by an unusual soundtrack to my life.

peace and love,



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