Posted by: thecyberkrib | November 27, 2007

The launch of a united front…

While it may seem past due for a BLOG from, it’s usually so hectic maintaining a website, that the addition of a blog seems like somewhat of a trap to eat up more hours in a day. Taking this in to consideration, we’ve made the decision to spearhead a blog that will be a united movement of creative minds – in essence an extended family of contributors who will make this a cozy and exciting destination for music fans. Contributors involved will include local (and eventually international) writers & journalists, bloggers, deejays, emcees, singers, photographers, promoters, tastemakers, and music lovers who enjoy to share their knowledge/audibles/visuals.

This is a format that we began to work on through website, however due to timelines, deadlines and such, it’s not always easy to making things work in terms of co-ordinating between a bunch of very busy people. TheCyberKrib United will allow for this type of flexible contribution where our contributors can drop their thoughts whenever they choose, and share with you in a very immediate manner.

We are looking for potential contributors from all corners of the country, and around the globe, so please hit us up with a comment or with an email to and we can discuss further.

Welcome to TheCyberKrib United.


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